Do not mess with a Hungarian girl

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Today I would like to tell you about an interesting motif of Hungarian art, however it is about a Saint who also had strong connections with Poland. That saint is St Ladislaus, who is actually almost absent in Polish art, in spite of being a patron saint of several Polish kings. Moreover,…

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Sir Lancelot of Silesia

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Today I would like to tell you about a unique monument in Poland that is still not very well-known, although many have heard of it. It is the Ducal Tower in Siedlęcin near Jelenia Góra (Lower Silesia), dating back to the first half of the 14th century and decorated with the…

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The sacrum of Moravia

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There is a beautiful town in Moravia, called Znojmo, and it is full of various monuments: there are gothic and baroque churches, a castle and many old houses. Znojmo gained its city rights in 1226, so it celebrates the 790th anniversary this year; the oldest monument in Znojmo is the…

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Ancient pleasures

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[This post is unsuitable for people under 18.] We have so called Dog Days now – it’s hot, it’s lazy time, it’s holiday time! The nights are to warm to sleep, we’d rather do something else instead, often naughty. And that did not change since the Antiquity. Pompeii was an…

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The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest

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A surprising discovery was made in 2000 during the renovation of Palazzo dell’Abbondanza in a Tuscan town Massa Marittima. In the old public water supply point under the palace (so called Fonti dell’Abbondanza, built in 1265) the fresco was found on one of the walls. The depiction was rather damaged,…

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