Nobody likes Mondays

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Those who read my texts or attend my lectures know that I often say: “well, everything already happened in the Middle Ages!” This time I will tell you about medieval dislike towards Mondays. Apparently already in the Middle Ages nobody liked Mondays, and it was especially true for the souls…

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Classes at the Academy of Heritage

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The Academy of Heritage is two-semester postgraduate course on managing and promoting cultural heritage. In 2001 the ~International Cutural Centre in Cracow and the Economy University in Cracow created the first Polish study on managing and protecting cultural heritage. I have just joined the team of this course’s teachers and I…

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Winter lectures for Seniors

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In January and February 2018 I am having three lectures for Seniors at various Third Age Universities. The plan is following: On Monday January 15th: a lecture on the Art Forgeries, at the Monday Senior’s Club in Wieliczka. On Thursday January 17th: a lecture on the Art Forgeries, at the Third Age Univeristy…

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Put your heads together

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It seems to be a good idea to start New Year with a page from a calendar; let’s take a look at a certain interesting motif which appeared in medieval calendar pages dedicated to January. Medieval books of prayers, psalters and books of hours, started with calendar, which included a list…

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