Lectures in August

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The workshops in the cycle “Find your passion! Innovative educational-cultural workshops for seniors”, organized by the Society AKADEMIA PEŁNI ŻYCIA are in progress – in August we will meet 4 times: On August 1st – I will tell you about the Bishops’ patronage in Cracow. On August 6th we will visit the synagogues…

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Pregnant Mary Magdalene?

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Saint Mary Magdalene is a controversial biblical character. For all the readers of Dan Brown’s books she is a woman whom Christ loved and who gave birth to His child. But the fact is that lots of the statements present in Brown’s fiction are impossible to accept from the point…

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Hairy Mary

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The 22nd of July is coming and for the most of the Poles who still remember the time of communism in Poland it is the day that used to be an official holiday. The gouvernment of Polish People’s Republic tended to open important investments on that day, like the roads…

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Barbecue time

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It is the middle of the summer, so in many gardens one can see (and smell) the barbecue. It seems to be a very good occasion to have a closer look on the depictions of a saint, who is always shown with a gridiron. It is Saint Lawrence, an Early…

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Closed event

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On Monday July 7th I will provide a lecture on the Tyniec manuscript of the works by Joseph Flavius, exclusively for the participants of the workshop “Skryptorium” in Benedictine Institute of Culture (in The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec). During the workshop the participants will draw a copy of Adam and Eve…

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