Illustrated Bible (not) for children

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There was a very interesting article published recently (by dr. Deborah Ellen Thorpe) about the children’s drawings found on the margins of a 14th century manuscript. That raised a question of the relations between children and medieval manuscripts. It seems that the books in the Middle Ages were too expensive…

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They wanted to be trodden on

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Not many many Romanesque pieces of art survived in Poland, but there are a few and some of them are quite unique. An extraordinary one is for example so called Slab of Orants from the Collegiate church in Wiślica. It is a plaster floor, decorated with engraved drawing filled with…

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Holy Milk!

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Some time ago I have written about the depictions of Nursing Madonna (see the post HERE), and now I would like to elaborate on this subject. As it happens, Madonna nursed not only her Child, as we sometimes may find out in the paintings that she nurses somebody else. And…

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The sacrum of Moravia

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There is a beautiful town in Moravia, called Znojmo, and it is full of various monuments: there are gothic and baroque churches, a castle and many old houses. Znojmo gained its city rights in 1226, so it celebrates the 790th anniversary this year; the oldest monument in Znojmo is the…

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Gothic dreams

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Perhaps it is a point of view of a medievalist, but I always thought most people associate “Gothic” with the Middle Ages. Today however, we will focus on a phenomenon characteristic for the British culture of the late 18th and the early 19th century. That was the time of popularity…

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