A First Lady 1500 years ago

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Recently I had a pleasure to read a post on a photo-blog Album Romański (which I recommend!) about San Vitale church in Ravenna and that inspired me to write about an extraordinary woman who is depicted among the mosaics in that church. So today we will go back to the…

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Closed event

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On Monday May 25th I will provide a lecture on the Tyniec manuscript of Graduale of the Abbot Skawinka (ca. 1460) exclusively for the participants of the workshop “Skryptorium” in Benedictine Institute of Culture (in The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec). During the workshop the participants will copy the miniatures from that…

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“Silva Rerum – Something interesting for everyone” – the workshops for the Seniors

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Since April 2015 I have pleasure to provide lectures as a part of project “Silva Rerum – Something interesting for everyone”, organized by the Society AKADEMIA PEŁNI ŻYCIA, supported by the Government Program for Senior Citizens Social Activity for 2014-2020. The Society AKADEMIA PEŁNI ŻYCIA is an NGO focusing on improving seniors’ living…

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Think outside the box

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On Christmas 800 AD the Pope Leon III crowned Charlemagne, who then became the first Roman Emperor in Western Europe since the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. After the difficult Migration Period, Western Europe achieved what we call the Carolingian Renaissance, as Charlemagne often referred to the…

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