A little Egyptian boy

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The following post is dedicated mostly to ancient depictions interpreted as images of children; nonetheless, most of the illustrating material is suitable rather for adult Readers. As it happens, ancient Egyptians venerated some child deities – or rather particular gods when they were children. Christian cult of Infant Jesus is…

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A paper on Conference “Shaped by Greed. Reflections and Impacts of Environmental Exploitation in European Visual Cultures 1200–1900” in Brno

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On 8-9 June, an international conference and the third edition of the His Artibus Biennial will focus on environmental issues in European visual culture. The event, organised by Department of Art History (Masaryk University in Brno) will take place at the Hans Belting Library (Veveří 28, Brno). My paper for this…

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Many years ago, when I had an honour – still being a student – to present my paper on certain medieval manuscript on a Very Serious Meeting of the art historians, the Very Serious Audience got themselves into a discussion: was it acceptable for a young aspiring scholar (i.e. me)…

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Mysterious cult of a Saint Hound

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A few years ago, when I wrote about looted middle part of Lusina altarpiece (National Museum in Cracow, war loss – post available HERE) I mentioned several – often contradictory – interpretations for a dog in medieval art. On one hand it could have symbolised faithfulness, but on the other…

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Merry children’s games from past centuries

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My previous post was dedicated to female artists in the Middle Ages; of course artistic activities of women are better documented when it comes to the Early Modern Times. One of the known female artists was an engraver Claudine Bouzonnet-Stella (1636-1697). She was a daughter of a goldsmith named Étienne…

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