Mysterious MM monogram

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One of my favourite historical characters – also in reference to survived artworks – is Polish Queen Hedwig of Anjou (Jadwiga of Poland). According to the legend, a figure of crucified Christ from Wawel Cathedral spoke to her once (I wrote about it in THIS post) – she was a…

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What a horse is like, anyone can see

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Polish Netflix has recently produced widely acclaimed comedy series entitled “1670”, satirically presenting contemporary Polish society in historical costume of the seventeenth century (trailer in English is available HERE). Opening, however, is a compilation of artworks that do not date back to the 17th century, but have been taken from…

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Article on medieval bathing in JSTOR Daily

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It is my pleasure to announce that my article “Scrub-a-Dub in a Medieval Tub”, telling about the medieval hygene and fighting a myth of the Middle Ages as an epoch of dirt, has just been published in JSTOR Daily: JSTOR Daily is a daily magazine that contextualizes current events…

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Cleaning Up the Dirty Middle Ages

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One of the most irritating misconceptions about the Middle Ages is that people back then bathed once a year or so – it is a myth I keep fighting. I am very happy to say that recently my article on this subject has been published by JSTOR Daily (available HERE)….

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Lecture (in Polish) at the National Museum in Poznań

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On December 9, 2023 at 11 a.m. I will present a lecture „Średniowiecze: bardziej współczesne niż nam się wydaje!” (“Middle Ages: more contemporary than it may seem!” – in Polish) at the National Museum in Poznań. It is an event accompanying an exhibition “Powiadacze. Dialog między sztuką współczesną a średniowieczną”,…

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