Article on medieval bathing in JSTOR Daily

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It is my pleasure to announce that my article “Scrub-a-Dub in a Medieval Tub”, telling about the medieval hygene and fighting a myth of the Middle Ages as an epoch of dirt, has just been published in JSTOR Daily: JSTOR Daily is a daily magazine that contextualizes current events…

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Lecture (in Polish) at the National Museum in Poznań

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On December 9, 2023 at 11 a.m. I will present a lecture „Średniowiecze: bardziej współczesne niż nam się wydaje!” (“Middle Ages: more contemporary than it may seem!” – in Polish) at the National Museum in Poznań. It is an event accompanying an exhibition “Powiadacze. Dialog między sztuką współczesną a średniowieczną”,…

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Paper on joint ARIAH-RIHA seminar in London

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Each year members of RIHA (the International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art, founded 1998 in Paris) meet at the General Assembly, which is often combined with annual meeting of RIHA Journal editors. 25th General Assembly was hosted by the Courtauld Institute of Art in London (on…

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Articles for service “Spotkania z Zabytkami”

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It is my pleasure to announce a new co-operation with phenomenal service Spotkania z Zabytkami, presenting heritage in attractive, modern and multi-medial way. The Service Spotkania z Zabytkami (meaning Meetings with Monuments, accompanied by a quarterly of the same title) is dedicated to art and culture, and it is published by…

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