“Hidden Mothers” in the old photographs

:: in November 9, 2017 :: in Blog :: 2 comments

Lately I had a pleasure to write a short text on “Victorian Post-Mortem Photography” (in Tygodnik Powszechny, in Polish), mainly focusing on confronting some popular (but erroneous) myths on this subject. No-one would really take a creepy picture of a corpse posed on a stand (those stands would not be…

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A romantic charge

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Romanticism is one of the most important movements in the history of Polish culture. Nevertheless, in fact we did not have many painters that would be truly the representatives of theRomantic art: not only in the subject of their paintings but also in their style. Romantic painting is often described…

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Message in the bottle

:: in November 28, 2014 :: in Blog :: 1 comment

There are the moments, when the historian of art meets a dead end. There are some paintings that resemble nothing or the ones that resemble too many others. There are the paintings which are undatable and the painters that have to remain unknown. But sometimes there is a way to…

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Anticipating the Scandal

:: in October 17, 2014 :: in Blog :: 0 comments

Lately I’ve been enjoying working as a researcher, analysing the continental pre-1900 paintings from the collection of the Art Gallery in York. So, let me share my thoughts on one of those paintings here. I actually think that it is possible to interpret it in a slightly different way than…

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Frenzy for everybody

:: in August 27, 2014 :: in Blog :: 0 comments

One of the most famous masterpieces in the Gallery of 19th century Polish Art (National Museum, Cracow), is “Frenzy of Exultations” by Władysław Podkowiński. It is a painting that still amazes the viewers, although it is over a 100 years old and in spite of the fact that in 21st…

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