Message in the bottle

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There are the moments, when the historian of art meets a dead end. There are some paintings that resemble nothing or the ones that resemble too many others. There are the paintings which are undatable and the painters that have to remain unknown. But sometimes there is a way to…

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Lecture in Wieliczka

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On Thursday 20th November I will have an honour to give the lecture for the students of the Third Age University in Wieliczka. The lecture’s topic is “The Benedictines: the cultural roots of the Christian Europe. The history and the art of the convent in Tyniec”. The lecture will take…

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The long, cold and dark November evenings are sometimes difficult to bear. They often make us feel depressed and doubtful. This kind of situation in the lives of the saints is often called “the temptation”; even Christ was tempted in the desert. Today we will focus on the most famous…

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Three merry corpses

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All Saints’ Day is the special time of year when we focus on thinking about our loved ones who passed away. It is more or less the same time of year when the feasts of the dead were celebrated in pagan times (the traditions that later turned into Halloween). It…

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