Articles for service “Spotkania z Zabytkami”

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It is my pleasure to announce a new co-operation with phenomenal service Spotkania z Zabytkami, presenting heritage in attractive, modern and multi-medial way. The Service Spotkania z Zabytkami (meaning Meetings with Monuments, accompanied by a quarterly of the same title) is dedicated to art and culture, and it is published by…

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Virtual exhibition “Wszystko już było w średniowieczu” (“Everything already happened in the Middle Ages” – in Polish)

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The title of my first virtual exhibition “Everything already happened in the Middle Ages” is my saying that I often repeat. In contrary to common beliefs, Middle Ages was not an epoch vastly different from our contemporary times. Also, quite o lot of myths about medieval customs in fact date…

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Małopolska’s Virtual Museums project

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“Małopolska’s Virtual Museums” is an exceptional initiative in Poland. It helps present on the Internet valuable resources of importance to the culture. Within the project, the Regional Digitalisation Workshop and a website have been created. On the website one can admire more than 700 digitalised exhibits for which up until…

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Podkast Powszechny

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It is a pleasure for me to announce that I have started new cooperation with Tygodnik Powszechny – this time it is a cycle of podcasts ( My podcasts will be published every month (mid-month) and the cycle is entitled “Sztuka Powszechnie Nieznana” (Art Commonly Unknown).

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