Venus and wine

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And so it’s September again, that is the time of the grape harvest. I will again write about wine in art, but this time it will not be related to the Biblical stories (previously I wrote about Noah and Lot). Today I am going to focus on the ancient mythology…

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Drunken Mysteries

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At the turn of December and January Ancient Greeks celebrated so called Rural Dionysia, which was a feast of the first tasting of a new wine from latest harvest. Greek Dionysus was a very important but also mysterious god – the Dionysian Mysteries were a ritual considered by the scholars…

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Wine and Incest

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Last year at the time of grape harvest I wrote a post about Noah and his drunkenness (available HERE). This time I would like to focus on another Biblical story, involving not only wine, but also incest! The artists loved to depict this topic: what I mean is the story…

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Spring with Saint Benedict

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The 21st March is usually associated with the first day of the Spring, but we should also remember that it is an anniversary of the death of Saint Benedict, who is a patron saint of Europe. He was quite an extraordinary man, and the order of the Benedictines (which he…

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Heavy drinking

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As we are now enjoying the carnival time, it seems a good idea to have a look at the painting that shows people having fun. It is a party with a lot of food and alcohol; the title is “The Bean King”, and it was created by a Flemish painter…

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