Waiting for the Sun

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December 25th is the day when the Christians celebrate Nativity of Jesus – however there are no sources that would prove Christ indeed was born on that particular day. The decision about establishing Christmas on December 25th was carefully considered by the Early-Christian Church, and it was accepted as late…

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Flying Baby Jesus

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Today is the Children’s Day, so let’s have a look on a very interesting motif including a child, and more precisely: flying Baby Jesus. When we look at the depictions of the Annunciation, we usually focus on main characters: Mary and the Angel. But if we are dealing with a…

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Risen with the tools

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None of the Gospels describes an actual moment of Christ’s Resurrection. The Gospels of Saint Matthew, Saint Mark and Saint Luke just say that the women who came to the Jesus’ sepulchre found it empty and saw an angel (or two angels) who told them that the Lord had risen. Saint Mark…

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