Talking on Middle Ages in Radio Krakow

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On Friday 19th May I had an honour to be the guest in the night radio programme in Radio Cracow – I talked to Marcin Makowski about interesting aspects of art and culture of the Middle Ages. The conversation (in Polish) is now available on line:

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Did Michelangelo forge Laocoön?

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The Laocoön Group is one of the most famous ancient sculptures, depicting mythical Laocoön and his sons being killed by the snakes. The statue was discovered in Rome in 1506 – it was unearthed in the vineyard of certain Felice De Fredis. Immediately Giuliano da Sangallo was called to the site…

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La Grande Bouffe of the Last Supper

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Sometimes a curiosity in art is not about artists depicting something weird; sometimes it is something normal, but depicted in a weird way. Today I would like to show you some examples of the Last Supper which were simply not very well painted. There are such cases in medieval art;…

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How to catch a unicorn

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Some time ago I wrote o post on several animals described in medieval bestiaries (available HERE), and now I would like to get back to that subject. Today I will focus on one particular beast: a unicorn. A unicorn was a mythical creature quite often depicted in medieval art. It…

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Spring lectures for Seniors

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In April and May 2017 I am having three lectures for Seniors at various Third Age Universities. The plan is following: On Monday April 10th: a lecture on the Zodiac in the Middle Ages at the Third Age Univeristy in Kłaj. On Thursday May 11th: a lecture on art forgeries at the Third Age…

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