Three merry corpses

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All Saints’ Day is the special time of year when we focus on thinking about our loved ones who passed away. It is more or less the same time of year when the feasts of the dead were celebrated in pagan times (the traditions that later turned into Halloween). It…

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Memento mori

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One of the most famous paintings kept in the National Gallery in London, is the double portrait called “The Ambassadors” painted by Hans Holbein the Younger. It shows two noble men standing, with many objects lying on the table between them. Those objects are connected to all that we associate with the…

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Precious Bones

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There is a beautiful city in Moravia, called Znojmo, and there is a beautiful church in the middle of it – a church of Saint Nicolas. And inside that church you will see a glass coffin with the beautifully dressed skeleton. He is described as Saint Bonifacius the Martyr, but…

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