Thoughtful angels and sad Madonna

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The two angels looking up is one of the most popular motifs of an old masters’ art, present in nowadays’ pop-culture. Everyone has seen those angels – and some people even know the rest of the painting. It is a Sistine Madonna, painted by Raphael. Have you ever had a…

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Dirty romanesque stuff

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There has been quite a big scandal in Poland recently – one of the journals revealed the tapes with the records of Polish politicians. Among other things, one of them (a minister Sienkiewicz) described situation in our country using vulgar phrase, that could be translated as “a dick, an ass…

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Hidden king

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Among the chapels in Cracow’s cathedral there is a gothic one: a Chapel of Holy Cross. Inside you will find (aside from a famous tomb of Polish king Kazimierz Jagiellończyk, sculpted by Veit Stoss) two gothic triptychs. One of them, a Triptych of Our Lady of Sorrows, contains a depiction…

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Lectures in June and July

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The workshops in the cycle “Find your passion! Innovative educational-cultural workshops for seniors”, organized by the Society AKADEMIA PEŁNI ŻYCIA are in progress – in upcoming week I invite you to the lectures on Tuesday and Friday. Updated schedules of all the workshops in this project are available on the website:  In July…

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I recommend you a great project!

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It’s a journey through the world of masculine emotions. Love, yearning, desire, tenderness, passion. I one short: the quintessence of the manly romanticism, which is not so common anymore…  Let’s create something that no-one did before: an album with the Leonard Cohen’s songs in brand new translations into Polish, completed by the voice and…

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