Question of appearance

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Sunny Italy is a country that we associate with beauty – not only because of its landscapes, but mostly because of its art. Beautiful people have been painted here for centuries usually in the paintings and sculptures founded by rich donors, of whom we also tend to think as of…

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Closed event

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The lecture on the history of medieval manuscript illumination will be provided by me on Saturday June 6th exclusively for the students of the Barbara Bodziony’s School of Calligraphy and Illumination. It will be a third part of a bigger cycle and this lecture will focus on the late gothic…

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Cracow – art and history

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The cycle of lectures on the history and art of Cracow, prepared for the Students of the Fulness of Life Academy and the Third Age Universities. Some of the lectures were prepered as guided trips to the churches in Cracow. The topics are following: 1. Cracow – city of the Polish…

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