My name is Magdalena Łanuszka, I have a PhD in Art History, I specialise in medieval art, I have graduated Jagiellonian Univeristy in Cracow. Teaching and popularising is my passion, I lecture on art history and European culture. I have cooperated with many institutions, such as the National Museum in Cracow, the Jagiellonian University, the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow, Wszechnica UJ, Universities of the Third Age, or the Barbara Bodziony Calligraphy and Illumination School in Cracow. I also organize open lectures in Cracow – the invitations for these events are published in the NEWS tab. You will find my lectures’ portfolio in the LECTURES tab. On the other hand, I have been also participating in research projects, such as Dehio-Handbuch der Kunstdenkmäler in Polen or National Inventory of Continental European Paintings (result available HERE). For a few years I have been working in the PAUart project (adding ICONCLASS codes to the prints that are being digitalised). I also cooperate with International Cultural Centre in Cracow: I administrate service Art and Heritage in Central Europe and I am a local editor of RIHA Journal. I also had my own radio programme in Radio Krakow (called Wielka Sztuka Małopolski, in Polish) and now I am making podcasts on art (for Tygodnik Powszechny).

If you are interested in the details of my professional and academic experience, please visit the site containing my CV.

For two years I used to work as a project manager in interactive agency, which enabled me to discover that there is a life beyond the History of Art and that academic knowledge might get really useful also outside of the university. History of Art doesn’t have to be a hermetic knowledge, and the old masterpieces carry fascinating stories and secrets that are very interesting to nowadays readers, not only for the specialists. And that is what this blog is about.

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