An article on 15th c. panels in York and Upton House

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Quarterly of Art History Institute at the University Wrocław “Quart” 2(48)/2018 has just published my article: “An attribution for two late Gothic central-European panels, in English public collections, depicting episodes from the life of St. Barbara”. The subject of this article is a pair of late Gothic panels, now separated but originally part of one…

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A coffin for a finger

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Dalmatia (Croatia) is a popular holiday destination and lots of people every Summer visit Zadar. While they are in that city, they may go to visit St Simeon church, where they may find a very interesting medieval chest. It contains the relics of Simeon – but it is not St…

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Medieval childhood

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Scholars researching everyday life of the Middle Ages often use iconographic sources, that is paintings, miniatures, drawings and woodcuts. Although many of them depict religious scenes, we may find a lot of everyday objects placed in them; including items related to medieval childhood and nursery. Childhood in medieval art was…

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