A way to scare away the devil

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There are various stories present in the European folklore telling how women are capable of defeating even the satan himself. A popular tale about the devil getting married and subsequently running away from his horrible wife was used in the sixteenth century by Niccolò Machiavelli in his novella “Belfagor arcidiavolo”;…

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NIRP project report

:: in March 14, 2016 :: in News :: 0 comments

It is a great pleasure for me to present a detailed report of the results of my research on the paintings in York Art Gallery completed as a part of project National Inventory of Continental European Paintings. The entries on 231 paintings I have researched are now available here: vads.co.uk. The…

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Marvellous bestiaries

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The users of the Internet love animals – especially cats, but not exclusively. Today I invite you to have a look at the subject of the animals in the illuminated manuscripts. Medieval books describing animals were called Bestiaries – they were created often as compilations of ancient and medieval texts…

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