Holy Milk!

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Some time ago I have written about the depictions of Nursing Madonna (see the post HERE), and now I would like to elaborate on this subject. As it happens, Madonna nursed not only her Child, as we sometimes may find out in the paintings that she nurses somebody else. And…

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Touching Middle Ages

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Middle Ages is often considered a pious epoch, although it was in fact often quite “carnal”. Today I would like to focus on particular depictions that theoretically should not be ambiguous: I am thinking here about the images of Virgin with Child. Surprisingly it is possible to find some examples…

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Thoughtful angels and sad Madonna

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The two angels looking up is one of the most popular motifs of an old masters’ art, present in nowadays’ pop-culture. Everyone has seen those angels – and some people even know the rest of the painting. It is a Sistine Madonna, painted by Raphael. Have you ever had a…

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Flying Baby Jesus

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Today is the Children’s Day, so let’s have a look on a very interesting motif including a child, and more precisely: flying Baby Jesus. When we look at the depictions of the Annunciation, we usually focus on main characters: Mary and the Angel. But if we are dealing with a…

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A boobie that nursed the Europe.

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Whoever watched “Allo! Allo!”, is familiar with the idea of “Madonna with the Big Boobies”. And whoever visited the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, had a chance to see the real version from 15th century. Depicting Virgin Mary showing her breast is not that shocking – as long…

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