Details from behind

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For a good start of the Autumn and a new academic year, I decided to write abut some very interesting aspects of mixing sacrum and profanum in the medieval art. I would like to focus on the decorations of the cathedral in Bourges: to be precise, I would like to…

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Did Michelangelo forge Laocoön?

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The Laocoön Group is one of the most famous ancient sculptures, depicting mythical Laocoön and his sons being killed by the snakes. The statue was discovered in Rome in 1506 – it was unearthed in the vineyard of certain Felice De Fredis. Immediately Giuliano da Sangallo was called to the site…

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Unfinished Michelangelo

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The Renaissance grew up in Florence, mostly thanks to the generous support of the powerful Medici family, who were surrounded by many artists. The family had its ups and downs, and even was exiled from the city at the turn of 15th and 16th centuries, but came back quite quickly…

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Dirty romanesque stuff

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There has been quite a big scandal in Poland recently – one of the journals revealed the tapes with the records of Polish politicians. Among other things, one of them (a minister Sienkiewicz) described situation in our country using vulgar phrase, that could be translated as “a dick, an ass…

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