Drunken Mysteries

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At the turn of December and January Ancient Greeks celebrated so called Rural Dionysia, which was a feast of the first tasting of a new wine from latest harvest. Greek Dionysus was a very important but also mysterious god – the Dionysian Mysteries were a ritual considered by the scholars…

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Forgotten Story

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It’s time to talk about another painting from the collection of York Art Gallery. This time we will focus on a subject that is rather forgotten today, but used to be quite popular in the art of Renaissance and Baroque. Nowadays it might seem to be a little bit disturbing:…

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Having fun with the swan

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Biblical themes have already appeared on this blog few times, so it’s time for the mythology now. Mythological subejcts were usually used by the artists to create more or less erotic depictions. The gods of ancient Greeks and Romans were very much human-like, so they had pretty interesting sexual lives,…

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This is not Venus!

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The painting by Titian, known as  “Venus of Urbino”, was created in 1538 and is now kept in Ufizzi Gallery in Florence, Italy. It is one of the most famous paintings of European art and also it is one of the most erotic masterpieces. And the scholars still argue about…

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