An article on 15th c. panels in York and Upton House

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Quarterly of Art History Institute at the University Wrocław “Quart” 2(48)/2018 has just published my article: “An attribution for two late Gothic central-European panels, in English public collections, depicting episodes from the life of St. Barbara”. The subject of this article is a pair of late Gothic panels, now separated but originally part of one…

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Publication on late gothic Polish drawing

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I have a pleasure to present you an article on the fifteenth century drawing depicting Cracow Bishop Zbigniew Oleśnicki kneeling before Virgin with Child. The article Rysunek w Liber Privilegiorum nr 2 katedry krakowskiej w książce “Działalność fundacyjna biskupów Krakowskich”, red. M. Walczak, Kraków 2016 is in Polish, but contains English summary. PDF is available here: Liber_Privilegiorum…

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Spring lectures for Seniors

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In April and May 2018 I am having following lectures for Seniors at various Third Age Universities: On Wednesday April 18th: a lecture on the Early-20th c. renovation of the Royal Castle in Cracow, at the Third Age Univeristy in Gdów. On Monday April 23rd: a lecture on the Medieval depictions of Creation of the…

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